Nissan Electric Vehicles 

Nissan Electric Vehicles For Sale in Scottsdale

With a Nissan electric car, you'll get all the great benefits of a Nissan with the added advantage of saving fuel consumption and usage. Several vehicles are now available from Nissan that provide you with even more options than before for driving an electric car. Nissan's electric cars are available in several different styles. There are multiple trims available with each model as well, and you can accessorize your electric Nissan with a variety of amenities and features. Nissan's electric cars have impressive technology and advanced driver-assist safety aids. Two electric cars you can get from the automaker are the Leaf, a five-passenger sedan, and the Ariya, one of the newest vehicles in Nissan's lineup.

Which Nissan models are available in electric?

Two electric-powered cars currently offered from Nissan are the Leaf and the Ariya. The Leaf is the smaller car in Nissan's electric vehicle collection. It can be ordered with one of two batteries, including a 40 kWh battery and a larger 62 kWh battery. This battery is paired with a 147 HP gas-powered engine, and the larger battery is linked to a 214 HP engine. At most, you can get up to 226 miles of total combined range with the Leaf. The Leaf also comes with semi-autonomous driving technology. The Nissan Ariya has an impressive touchscreen made of glass that spans the dashboard. The Ariya also has a digital display screen that provides the driver with real-time information on the car's performance.

What is the difference between electric, hybrid, and plug-in models?

Hybrid and hybrid plug-in vehicles have an identical mechanical configuration. They are rigged with a gasoline-powered engine and an electric motor, which gets its power through a battery. Hybrids use gasoline and electricity equally for power, while plug-in models rely primarily on electricity and switch to gasoline as needed.

How far can Nissan electric models go?

The range you'll get with an electric Nissan varies. With the Leaf, the minimum range is 150 miles with the smaller battery and 226 miles with the premium battery. The Ariya will get 300 miles of combined range.

How long does it take to charge an electric Nissan car?

Several charging options are available for your Nissan. On the go, you can recharge up to 80% of the Nissan's battery with a DC charger. The Nissan charges in four hours with a 240V outlet and 10 hours with a 120V outlet at home.

Do Nissan electric vehicles have towing capacity?

When properly equipped, the Ariya gives you 1,500 pounds in towing power.

How can I learn more about Nissan electric vehicles?

All the information you need about Nissan's electric cars is available through our dealership. Contact us for full details today.