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Every car needs maintenance sometimes. Chances are, you're on top of the basics, like oil changes and tire rotation. But what happens when your car is making an odd sound? We've all been there, and these mysterious noises can be somewhat alarming. Here are some common car sounds that may be an indication of a necessary repair.

Squeaky Brakes

When the brakes are making a squeaky sound, it's likely a sign that they need to be serviced. Due to an incredible amount of stress over time, brakes should be checked regularly to ensure that brake pads, rotors, and other components are in good shape. When brake pads are wearing thin or another issue with your brakes, a technician can lubricate the parts or adjust them. However, sometimes worn out parts will need to be replaced. Squeaking sounds from the brakes are a sign that you should have a mechanic take a look.

Engine Rattling

If the engine is making a rattling sound, it's may be a sign of premature ignition. This problem can be caused by an overheated engine or improper fuel octane ratings. Even ignition timing issues could be to blame for premature ignition. Whatever the cause, if the engine is igniting prematurely, the engine cylinder's improper air and fuel mixture will likely lead to damages in the connecting rods, pistons, and valves. A rattling engine is a symptom that it's time to get your engine looked at by a professional.

Engine Clicking

When you hear the engine clicking, it might be time for an oil top-up or change. The clicking sound is very common for low oil cases, so it's a good idea to check the levels yourself when this happens. But if the oil looks ok, or an oil change doesn't solve the problem, there may be something else going on. A less common reason for the clicking sound, although one that can easily arise, occurs when there's a problem with the valve trains. Excessive lash in the valves, or damaged parts, can also cause a clicking sound.

Knocking From Under the Hood

Knocking sound from underneath the hood usually signifies an issue with one or more engine parts. Worn, damaged, and malfunctioning of connecting rods, valves, and pistons are common reasons for this sound. If you hear a knocking sound from under the hood, it's time to have an expert take a look.

Engine Squealing

When the engine is making a squealing sound, it could be caused by a worn-out accessory belt or serpentine belt. Older cars have accessory belts, which aid in the function of things like the air conditioning and the powering steering, and newer ones have serpentine belts. When these belts are worn out or loose, it can cause major problems when not dealt with quickly.

When you start hearing odd sounds from your car, it's time to bring it into our Nissan dealership in Scottsdale. Let one of our experts take a look and help you solve the problem.


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