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Nissan Leaf Tax Credit

Charging Nissan Leaf

Pinnacle Nissan Introduces the Leaf

If you've been considering a Nissan Leaf but were uncertain as to how it would benefit you, we have some compelling information to share. Many people that are considering purchasing an electric vehicle are concerned with how they differ from a traditional gas vehicle. The reality is that you'll have a low cost of ownership, tax incentives, and will be leaving much less of a carbon footprint. 

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What are the Nissan Safety Shield Technologies?

Nissan Safety Shield Tech

In 2015, Nissan came up with a holistic approach to the collection of safety features it provides through its vehicles. They are collectively referred to as Nissan Safety Shield Technologies, and they are meant to act as an “extra set of eyes” to optimize safety for drivers and their passengers. The tech features that are grouped under the Safety Shield umbrella are assigned to three classifications:

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How to Protect your Car from Hacking

Nissan Altima Header

When driving your vehicle each day or parking it, you may keep it secure to prevent burglars from stealing the car. Unfortunately, many drivers don't realize that their car is also at risk of hacking due to the advanced technology that is now built into the latest models. If you want to protect your vehicle and keep it secure from hackers, there are a few essential steps to take for added peace of mind…

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How To Maintain Your Car's Value

Nissan Rogue

Owning a car means that you have the responsibility of caring for the vehicle to ensure that it continues to run well. Most car owners sell their vehicle at a later time when they're ready to upgrade to a newer model. If you're interested in maintaining your car's value, there are a few important tips to follow.

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