Nissan Lease Return Options

At Pinnacle Nissan in Phoenix, we provide hassle-free lease return services for all Nissan-leased cars throughout the Scottsdale area. If you acquired your car lease through another dealership, it's no problem. Our specially trained staff members will guide you through the turn-in process and provide you with all the information you need to know when ending your lease.

We'll let you know if you have an equity in the vehicle, if it's the right time to turn in your car, if you should buy out the lease or if you should purchase a brand-new car. You can also discover information on how to swap a lease and get a rundown of all our best lease deals, if you choose to take on a new lease.

Want to turn in your lease early? We'll let you know what your options are. You may be able to avoid a termination fee, along with extra mileage fees. In certain cases, you may also be eligible to upgrade to a new car with no money down and lower your monthly car lease payment.

Contact us by filling out the form in the upper right hand corner and we'll be sure to answer all your car lease inquires.

Lease Return Questions

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See more details about your three primary options when reaching the end of your lease. Come see us to discuss the options listed below and have your vehicle inspected one last time to start the ball rolling.

Lease the Latest Nissans

There are numerous reasons to lease a vehicle. One of the most popular reasons is a lifestyle choice. Leasees are the type of drivers who revere the latest innovations in technology and mechanical engineering. Leasees want the latest and greatest models that Nissan has available. If you are the type of driver who likes new cars loaded with all the advanced options, leasing a new Nissan is the right choice for you.

And the new Nissans have a lot to offer. You can drive away with a vehicle that is considerably safer than your current model. The new safety features that have rolled out in the auto industry are teetering on the brink of full automation.

Everyone has experienced some level of autonomous driving by simply using cruise control. The new cruise control is adaptive and sets the speed to keep up with the flow of traffic without exceeding the speed limit. If you are interested in smart safety features like this or even premium infotainment systems, click the button below and begin exploring our new models.

Lease Renewal Process

2019 Nissan Altima

If you are still waiting for some bigger upgrades before you jump into the next model, the lease renewal process is ready and waiting. Renewing your lease is easier because you are already accustomed to the vehicle and have paid most of the depreciation off. As vehicles age, they become increasingly cheaper to lease. Therefore, the incentive to renew your lease is convenience and savings. Wait for a new generation of features to come out, and you'll be glad that you paused.

Nissan Purchase Process

If you have found a Nissan that is working wonders in your life, why not buy it? When you buy that leased Nissan, you can modify it with some sporty spoilers and incur unlimited mileage. Owning a Nissan gives you the best value and leaves you with something to show for all those years of hard work and payments. While the leasing process protected you from getting tied up with a vehicle that wasn't what you expected, even if it was mechanically sound, the vehicle has passed your test. Now it is time to contact Pinnacle Nissan for more info on all your options and to settle on the right one.