Summer Maintenance Tips  

One of the best ways to spend the summer season is to head out on a road trip and drive to a new destination. Your car needs to be prepared for the upcoming drive with proper maintenance performed on different parts and components of the vehicle. Our dealership in Scottsdale is here to help provide you with the necessary maintenance to keep it in excellent shape. Here are a few of the maintenance tasks you need to perform to get ready for your travel plans in the summer.

Change the Oil

Forgetting to change the oil on your car can result in the engine failing, which can prevent your car from being used. Adding new oil will help it to flow better in high temperatures when the weather becomes warmer outside. This will ensure all the parts are lubricated, and all the mechanisms work well.

Check the Fluids

Your fluids need attention before you plan to drive far to ensure they help all the components of the car work correctly. Add more wiper fluid to make it easy to keep your windshield clean until you return home. You can also add more coolant, which helps the car's engine stay cool to avoid overheating issues. The transmission fluid and steering fluid can also be replaced to make the car safe to drive.

Look at the Battery

The car battery plays an important role in your car's operation. Take a close look at it and test how much power remains to determine if it's time to swap it out for a new battery. This will ensure the car continues to turn on and operate each time you need to get around.

Add More Air to the Tires

Your tires may not be properly inflated, making it necessary to add more air to the proper level, per your manufacturer's instructions. Adding more air will help your car get better gas mileage and will also prevent too much tread from wearing off the more time you spend in the car. A mechanic may need to rotate the tires to ensure there's even wear on the tread on all four tires. The tires may also need to be replaced to help you stay safe and prevent them from suffering from damage.

Contact our auto service department when you're ready to get the necessary maintenance on your vehicle. It can offer peace of mind and help you to avoid potential issues while using your set of wheels.