Nissan Transmission Repair

Nissan vehicles rank among the longest-lasting on the road and have some of the highest total resale values. But in order to get the most out of your vehicle’s future, it is necessary to make sure that the car doesn’t suffer a catastrophic breakdown. And one of the best ways to ensure against such an outcome is by sticking with a manufacturer-recommended optimal maintenance schedule for the vehicle’s transmission.

How Important is Servicing the Transmission?

Transmissions may be the single most important component of modern cars. Over the last few decades, advances in transmission technologies have allowed for the ever-shrinking engine sizes and ever-increasing fuel economy of modern vehicles. But like all complex moving parts, transmissions need to be cared for in specific ways. Especially in older vehicles, transmission servicing can quickly become one of the key factors in determining the longevity of a car.

What Happens if I ignore the Warning Signs?

Unfortunately, transmission blowouts may be the number-one reason that older cars are sent to their permanent resting place in the junkyard. Many times, replacing a transmission can cost more than even the replacement of an entire engine. For this reason, catastrophic transmission failures often end up costing more to repair than the market value of the car. Schedule regular maintenance in order to make sure your transmission runs optimally.

The good news is that proper transmission maintenance is not all that difficult to carry out. It just requires that the vehicle’s owner understand what the correct time frame for transmission fluid change and maintenance is.

When Should I get my Transmission Changed?

Nissan Altima Exterior FrontThere are no hard-and-fast answers as to when you should get your particular vehicle’s transmission fluid changed and have the unit inspected. Fortunately, Nissan has data points on tens of millions of vehicles across their entire useful lives. From this data, the company has been able to devise optimal transmission maintenance schedules based on a wide number of factors. This is the maintenance schedule that you should adhere to. The best way to get an accurate idea of what an optimal maintenance schedule looks like for your particular Nissan is to get in touch with our dealership. Our friendly and expert technicians will be happy to outline the best maintenance schedule for your car.

Are There Weather Conditions That Can Affect Longevity?

Broadly speaking, there are a few factors that affect how frequently a car’s transmission should be serviced. The first one is what type of driving is typically done with the vehicle. Cars operating in hot climates will undergo more stress on their transmissions due to excess heat than ones operating in colder or more temperate locales. And vehicles that are driven in high-demand urban environments will need servicing more often than those driven primarily on the highway. Similarly, vehicles that are frequently used to tow heavy loads or carry large numbers of passengers will require more frequent fluid changes and inspections. Schedule an appointment today to have our service center maintain your transmission.


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