Nissan Maxima Interior and Air Conditioning

A functional air conditioning system is essential for your happiness and your car's health. All too often, however, the AC system takes a backseat to other components and systems, like the engine and transmission. But problems in AC system can be more than just a nuisance – they can also be a nightmare to fix and end up costing a fortune.

Some problems, like a clog or bacterial growth, will require our mechanics to clean out the system so that air flows again. Other problems, like leaks, necessitate a thorough evaluation to find and correct the problem before it causes more damage. A leak is one of the most troublesome problems of all, as it can end up destroying the engine and contaminate the environment. By paying attention to the symptoms your AC system seems to be showing, you can narrow down the list of possible problems.

Is there little air flowing from the vents, or does the air stay warm?

If there is minimal air coming out of the vents when you turn the AC on, the source may be a number of things. A mechanical malfunction, particularly with the compressor or condenser, is often a cause of air failing to flow through the AC system. If the compressor fails, or if the compressor clutch breaks, your car's AC system won't be able to pump out air. The condenser, which is another major component, can also break and prevent air from flowing through.

This usually happens when the condenser fans break, as they're the part that actually delivers cold air into the rest of the AC system. The fans are operated by a blower motor, and they'll stop working if the motor fails. The fans can also stop working if they get clogged by debris. Either way, you'll need to bring the car in for service. Our mechanics can either dislodge the debris and clean the system or replace a non-working part. If the air stays warm and never gets cold, it's an indication that it might be time to replace the condenser.

Are there unusual sounds when you turn the AC system on?

As with other problems in the car, hearing loud or abnormal sounds when you turn the car on is a good sign that something is not right. Strange sounds can be caused by broken parts moving around under the hood. One of the most common causes of unusual AC system sounds is a compressor that's on its way out. Large cracks and holes can also create loud noises. Another source of strange sounds is having the wrong type of lubricant in the system. Contaminated refrigerant fluid can also produce unusual sounds. If this happens, you'll need to bring your car into our service center so that the system can be cleaned and the right lubricant or refrigerant fluid can be added.

Do you notice puddles under the car?

Nissan MaximaPools of liquid can mean that there's a leak in your car's AC system. If you notice an oily puddle under the car, it may be due to a refrigerant fluid leak. This kind of leak needs immediate attention, as it can get worse quickly. Refrigerant fluid can leak from one of many places in the system. Cracks in the hoses, seals, and valves can cause refrigerant fluid to leak out. Overtime, fittings can loosen and cause fluid leaks, too. Since refrigerant fluid is essential for the car's AC system to work properly, you'll need to have the problem fixed as soon as possible. If you can't find an obvious source for the leak, one of our mechanics will inject a black light dye, also called a UV dye, into the AC system to look for cracks and holes.

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