Nissan Z Named Best Sport Coupe in 2023 MotorWeek Drivers' Choice Awards  

The Nissan Z was recently named the Best Sport Coupe in the 2023 Driver's Choice Awards from MotorWeek.


These awards have been conducted yearly for the last 42 years. The idea is that the awards take on a buyer's perspective instead of just coming from an expert's perspective. With these awards, you get to see the approach of both consumers and experts together.

Many designs get their ideas from the past almost exclusively. However, you have a modern focus on performance mixed with a more classic look for the Nissan Z. This is why MotorWeek chose this vehicle for 2023. The sports coupe category has fewer choices than before, so it's always good to have a strong choice. The Nissan Z has been around for a while, so it's in a unique position to combine ideas from both the present and the past. It has the more recent approach of the 9-speed auto transmission and the 6-speed manual transmission of the past. It also uses modern ideas like the twin 66 turbo engine while putting out the huge 400 horsepower.

Many people praised the Nissan Z for being an iconic car. For one thing, they liked the fact that the driver's seat is very driver-centric, with many options to help drivers. This iconic sports car has many notable features, like the powerful engine. The vehicle is known for its fuel efficiency, which works off changes on the fly. The Nissan also has even more acceleration in a 0 to 60 environment. The new estimation is that Nissan is 15 percent faster than it used to be regarding this start-up speed. It's also unusual to have a manual transmission in a rear-drive vehicle, so this is also unique.

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