Nissan Approves First Bi-Directional Charger for Nissan LEAF  

Nissan Brings in Special Charging Tech for EV

Nissan recently announced that they were officially endorsing the bi-directional tech for the Leaf that would allow them to reverse charge into the grid. Other companies have been able to develop similar tech over the years, but it's more of a recent thing for Nissan.

Charging Tech

This tech makes it so that all-electric vehicles like the Leaf can now use the energy they have in their batteries to charge the grid instead of a kind of reverse tech. This means that if there are groups of Leaf vehicles in a group, you can use this ability to pour more energy back into the grid during hours wherever the's high energy demand. They can boost the energy in a grid or have more of a target on a particular set of buildings.

This can be used at any time when there's a higher demand for energy than what you have available. It's now officially approved through Nissan. According to them, it makes the Leaf the only vehicle that can use this ability as a passenger car in the US.

The company that Nissan is partnering with this for this particular application is called Fermata. Any Nissan leaf coming from 2013 or newer will be able to make use of the tech through the special FE-15 charger. You'll need the right port on the Leaf for it to work, especially the CHAAdeME port. This port isn't always standard, so you may need to add it. The reason why they don't all have this port could be because Nissan hesitated with the fast charging port to avoid mishaps with the batteries' health problems in the long run.

However, using this particular tech won't void the warranty, so it's safe from having this problem. You can contact the company to access the new chargers if this is your intent. It simply gives you more options than you had before.

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