Nissan ARIYA  

If you are looking for a standout electric vehicle, the new ARIYA from Nissan is a great choice to consider. The ARIYA is a brand new model, but it has already generated considerable excitement in the auto industry. The Nissan ARIYA is a five-person SUV that is comfortable, classy, and fuel-efficient. The ARIYA comes with a number of notable amenities inside and out, and it has one of the most exceptional powertrains among electric vehicles. The ARIYA also has exceptional safety aids and plenty of technology.

Nissan ARIYA

Interior and Design

The Nissan ARIYA has a plush interior filled with many contemporary conveniences. The 2022 ARIYA has all you need for a comfortable and connected ride, from technology to safety. The ARIYA has some Nissan classics, including the company's proprietary Zero Gravity seats that are both comfortable and sporty. Designed with influence from NASA, the Zero Gravity seats will ensure you remain comfortable even on the longest rides. The Nissan has more than 16 cubic feet of storage space, depending on the drivetrain that you choose to get. Two rows of seats are standard, and the seats have a split-folding design if you need more room for people or cargo.

Powertrain and Performance

The Nissan has an electric powertrain with two electric motors and two different battery packs. The ARIYA comes standard with front-wheel drive, but you have the option of switching to all-wheel drive if you want better traction and handling capabilities in all conditions, including snow, ice, and rain. The Nissan ARIYA has an onboard DC charging port that charges at a maximum rate of 130 kW. The DC charging port can recharge the Nissan's battery up to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes. With a full charge of electric power, the Nissan will have an estimated range of 300 miles. The Nissan has an e-pedal for additional efficiency.

Safety and Technology

You can get many great safety features with the Nissan. The ARIYA comes equipped with a Safety Shield 360 suite of advanced driver-assist amenities, which includes a drowsy driver monitoring system that warns if the driver is distracted on the road. Forward collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking are other safety aids that you'll get with the Nissan. An infotainment system is standard, and it comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Amazon Alexa is also onboard for convenience. Over-air software updates make it easy to keep the infotainment system up to date without needing to visit the dealership.

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