How to Use ProPILOT Assist With Intelligent Cruise Control

ProPilot Assist is one of the first semi-automated driving systems that's been offered on an affordable vehicle. To be clear, it doesn't replace the driver, but it certainly makes highway driving easier. Once you've tried it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

The system includes intelligent cruise control, lane centering, and braking to keep the car moving at a safe pace and in its lane. Nissan drivers can use it in more situations than traditional cruise control. When engaged, ProPilot maintains a safe distance between your Nissan and other vehicles. It also keeps your vehicle between marked lane lines.


Step 1: Intelligent Cruise Control

There are a number of adaptive cruise control systems on the market now. However, only ProPilot Assist combines this capability with steering capability. The process starts with a button on the steering wheel. A driver selects ProPilot Assist, activating Intelligent Cruise Control. Like regular cruise control, the driver establishes a desired speed. In addition, the driver inputs how many car lengths should be between the Nissan and the car ahead.

Step 2: Lane Keeping

You do not have to tell ProPilot to engage the lane keeper. It will activate with the Intelligent Cruise Control. You can see it is working as lane line icons on the dashboard change from grey to green. Steering Assist will actually add its own steering input to keep the vehicle in the center of the lane. The driver does not quit steering, however.

If a driver takes their hands from the wheel, the system will use visual and audible alerts to get the driver's attention. Failing that, the brakes will pulse in an effort to alert the driver. If the driver doesn't respond, the system may slow the Nissan, turning on the hazard lights and coming to a complete stop.

Step 3: Turn Off ProPilot Assist

To disengage the system, the driver may take over the throttle by hitting the brake as is often done with regular cruise control. To stop the system entirely, the driver can use the off button on the steering wheel. Nissan made it simple to turn ProPilot off and on because it is only semi-automated and, therefore, the driver's choice whether to engage it or not.

At Pinnacle Nissan, you can try out ProPilot for yourself. Ask for a test drive of the Nissan Rogue and learn more about ProPilot capability.