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Owning a car means that you have the responsibility of caring for the vehicle to ensure that it continues to run well. Most car owners sell their vehicle at a later time when they're ready to upgrade to a newer model. If you're interested in maintaining your car's value, there are a few important tips to follow.

Wash it Weekly

The best way to care for your car is to wash it on a weekly basis, whether by hand or by taking it to the car wash. Washing off dirt and grime that settles onto the paint will protect the car and will keep it looking new. Vacuuming out the interior is also necessary to protect the upholstery and floor from dirt that can settle into the fibers.

Waxing the vehicle should also be performed regularly, along with getting the undercarriage washed periodically to remove salt that can cause rust to develop. Salt can form under the car in snowy climates or if you live near the beach.

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Do not Smoke in Your Car

Smoking cigarettes in the car are one of the top ways to damage the interior of the vehicle and cause it to depreciate quickly. The smoke will leave behind a strong odor that is difficult to remove, along with discoloration and burns on the seat. It can often be impossible to restore the cabin if you spend several years smoking inside of it, making it necessary to not smoke in the car.

Keep it Covered

Too much sun exposure can fade the paint on the car and can also cause the interior to become too warm, which can damage leather seats and the dashboard. Keep it covered as much as possible by parking in shaded areas that will allow the vehicle to stay cool. You can also use a sun visor in the windshield to prevent the sun from damaging the interior if you have to park outdoors.

Storing it in the garage while you're home will also allow it to maintain its value by protecting it from the elements when it's not in use. If you don't have a covered area to store it, consider covering the vehicle with a sturdy tarp to ensure that it is protected if it has to be parked outdoors.

When parking in public lots, avoid leaving your car too close to other vehicles, which can lead to dents or scuffs when people open and close their doors.

Change the Oil Frequently

The oil is considered to be the blood of the engine and is necessary to keep the car running well. You'll want to change the oil frequently to avoid damage that can occur to the parts, which will depreciate the vehicle. Most cars need to have the oil changed every 3,000 miles. You can also rotate the tires each time the oil is changed to ensure that the tread is even on all four wheels.

When changing the oil, it's also the perfect time to inspect the brake pads to ensure that they don't need to be replaced. You can also evaluate the belts, top off other fluids in the engine, and wipe down the parts to keep everything operating well.

If you want to learn more about how to maintain the overall value of your car, visit our service page or come see us at Pinnacle Nissan. We'll be happy to answer your questions and show you around our large inventory of vehicles.