My Moonroof Won't Close or Open - What to Do

Moonroof Troubleshooting on Nissan Models

The moonroof is one of the most breathtaking features of your Nissan model vehicle. Sometimes, though, things don't quite work out the way we plan them to, and as mechanical equipment gets older, it may fail. We're here to help you with any event that your moonroof won't open or close! Instead of getting frustrated, take a deep breath, and depend on our team to help you get that moonroof up and going again.

Tips for Moonroof Problems

Moonroof won't open or close

Okay, we're stuck here. The moonroof won't open or close. The first thing we recommend is cleaning your moonroof. Just use a soft cloth and a very mild cleaning agent such as detergent. Once your moonroof is cleaned, you'll want to adjust the guides of your moonroof.

Once you've adjusted your guides, you'll want to find the rear jaw mounting bolts. Loosen them. This will bring your roof into a correct position if you'll slowly tap it into that correct position. You can locate the ground terminal, too, and connect it to a good ground. - battery marker is recommended. From there, you'll locate the relay coil and power it to 12V. Check continuity again when the relay is active again.

Sometimes you might have a cracked seal, and when this happens, it's time to call the folks at our friendly dealership, as this isn't something you want to do yourself. In fact, the majority of these things are something that - unless you have a lot of experience working on cars - we don't recommend doing. You can attempt it yourself, but once again, it's easier to trust the folks here at our Nissan dealership.

Reset Sunroof or Moonroof

  • Find ignition switch and put it to ON position
  • Push and hold moonroof switch toward the two-position
  • Once your moonroof is in a full-tilt position, repeat the previous step
  • Wait four seconds and then the moonroof should make a little movement
  • Release switch
  • Wait 5 seconds and then hold the switch toward two again

From there, you rerelease the switch. Your moonroof should be reset.

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We're happy that you attempted to fix your moonroof problem through a DIY approach, but we highly recommend giving up immediately and calling our Nissan dealership. This is a complicated procedure, and we can have it done in no time flat. We're here to give you reasonable pricing on services just like this!

We can also demonstrate how to fix it yourself in person when you visit us here today. While it's up to you, we do hope that you'll allow us to serve you if you have any further questions about this procedure. We'll be happy to help you! The moonroof is one of the most impressive features of Nissan vehicles. It's well worth a trip in to get yours fixed.