My Moonroof Won't Close or Open - What to Do

My Moonroof Won't Close or Open - What to Do  

If your moonroof won't close or open and you are wondering what to do, here are some steps you may take. First, clean the moonroof with a mild detergent and with a cloth. Also, clean the glass on the outside of the car with a non-abrasive cleaner and a piece of fabric.

The adjustment of the guides is carried out by moving them forward or backward, and on their notched wedge, the pitch of the notches of regulation is generally 0.05 inches (1.5 mm). Thanks to a new generation of extremely compact engines, the drive systems are integrated closer to the opening panel, the latter being either sheet metal or athermic glass. Most power sliding moonroofs have a water management system that guides water through hollow tubes and a drainage system to prevent water from entering the car, but after years of use, they can stop working.

Loosen the rear jaw mounting bolts and bring the roof back to the correct position by gently tapping the palm of your hand. Start by locating the ground terminal and connecting it to a good quality ground (the "-" battery is ideal), check the continuity across the relay coil, then power this coil to 12V and check the continuity between the connection terminals when the relay is active. If you notice dirt that does not allow the moonroof to close tightly at the joint, clean the area with a damp cloth.

If the seal is cracked, you can contact a professional. If this is not the case, retract the moonroof, then remove the cap that obscures the mounting bracket. You must also use the parts that suit your car.

Disconnect the motor connector and supply it to 12V using two wires connected to the battery, after having marked on the wiring diagram of the connector terminals respectively corresponding to the "+12V" and the ground. These are the two terminals separated from each other by the keying notch of the connector housing. Remember, when you buy the roof of your choice, check to see if the manufacturer supplies all the parts in the moonroof repair kit or not. Remove the moonroof panel from the car.

The relay, wiring, and motors that control its movement are all susceptible to moisture damage and can interfere with other electronic systems in the car, such as instruments on the dashboard. Vehicle owners with a sliding moonroof occasionally encountered an annoying problem: water leaks. If the problem persists when all electrical causes are eliminated, you will need to disassemble the drive mechanism, which often requires removal of almost the entire moonroof (except the fixed frame) one of the most frequent failures being the breaking of the turns of the drive cable meshing with the motor gear.

If the panel can no longer be operated, or if it moves only jerkily, first be sure that the motor control circuitry performs its functions well in all control switch configurations. The most severe symptom of a grave leak is a moonroof that does not work at all. Therefore, test the drain tubes by slowly pouring a pitcher of water into each corner of the open moonroof. You can thereby discharge some water into these tubes to confirm that they have been clogged. Then, blow into each tube with a compressed air cartridge. Also, check a moonroof carefully for leaks before buying a used car.

How to Reset Nissan Sunroof / Moonroof?

The sunroof/moonroof on your Nissan may not work properly and needs to be reset. Use the following procedures to return your sunroof/moonroof to normal operation.

  1. Place the ignition switch in the ON position.

  2. Push and hold the moonroof switch toward 2 . Once the moonroof has reached the full tilt position, release the switch. Push and hold the switch toward the 2 position again. After a delay of four seconds, the moonroof will make a small movement and backup.

  3. Release the switch.

  4. Within 5 seconds of releasing the switch, push and continuously hold the switch toward 2 . The moonroof will move from the tilt position to the open position and back to the close position. NOTE: If the switch is released at any time during Step 4, the procedure must be restarted.

  5. Release the switch. Do not place the ignition switch in the OFF position for at least 2 seconds. The moonroof is now reset. If the moonroof still does not operate properly, have the moonroof system checked by Pinnacle Nissan your Scottsdale's Nissan dealer. You can also, download information on your

For more information on resetting your sunroof/moonroof, please download this owners manual. Download Here!

Is There a Nissan Sunroof/Moonroof Recall on My Car?

Do you believe that there is a recall on your sunroof or moonroof? Then contact our Nissan dealership and have your VIN ready to find out if there's a recall on your sunroof/moonroof. Remember, if you wish to learn more than you ought to discuss this topic with the attentive staff at Pinnacle Nissan. Just pick up the phone and give them a call today.